• Elections in Algeria

    One young woman only recently decided voting was the best way to change Algeria. An older man scoffed at the idea of casting a ballot, describing the government as corrupt and the people as “suffocated.”

  • New International Terminal opens Algeria

    The project of extension of the Houari Boumediene International Airport of Algiers is expected to be opened on November the first, in coincidence with the celebration of the Algerian war for independence. This mega project whose construction works were entrusted to the Chinese company CSCEC , costs more than 80 billion DA.

  • Digital reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings exhibition Algiers 2019

    ALGIERS – An exhibition of digital reproductions of the most famous paintings of the famous Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci, opened Thursday, in Algiers, to the public.

  • Algeria beat Senegal to win African Cup of Nations 2019

    Algeria have been crowned winners of the African Cup of Nations for the second time after beating Senegal 1-0 in the final on Friday.  Striker Baghdad Bounedjah stunned Senegal in the opening minutes of the game in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, with a shot which took a deflection off a defender and looped over the Senegalese goalkeeper Alfred Gomis and into the net.

  • Trade and Development Agency Director visits Algeria

    The U.S. Trade and Development Agency’s Worldwide Energy Sector Team Leader and Regional Director for East Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe & Eurasia Carl B. Kress visited Algeria June 26-28, 2019, to build on the long partnership between USTDA and Algeria.

  • Algeria Berbers’ Halloween

    The Amazigh people are strongly stuck to their ancestral traditions through keeping their customs vivid and alive from generation to another. As an evidence, they celebrate almost of their Berber heritage and traditions each year till nowadays. Among those sacred traditions that still exists till now is “Bouafif “or “Amghar Waqrouche” which is celebrated each year on the first day of spring (1first of March) in the Berber calendar. 


    Algeria has a fantastic diversity of landscape with the Sahara desert in the south, beaches along the Mediterranean sea to the north, mountains that offer excellent hiking during the summer and skiing opportunities in the snow during winter. Algeria also has an extremely rich history with 7 World Heritage sites and is one of the most socially developed countries in the whole of Africa.

  • Algeria blocks internet during exams

    As solutions go, it is certainly radical: in order to thwart a mass epidemic of cheating by students taking their school leaving exams, Algeria shut down the internet for up to three hours a day this week – for everyone.

  • firms feel import bans Algeria

    Mansour used to buy Swiss chocolate for his daughter but in the past few days it disappeared from the shelves after Algeria’s government banned imports of hundreds of products. At the start of this year, authorities banned the import of 851 products including foodstuffs and some raw materials in an effort to address a gaping trade deficit.

  • Expat Taxes For Americans Living In Algeria

    Living in Algeria is a fascinating if complex experience for a number of reasons, including the friendly locals, the culture, and the quality of life. All US citizens and green card holders who earn a minimum of around $10,000 (or just $400 for self-employed individuals) anywhere in the world are required to file a US federal tax return and pay taxes to the IRS, regardless of where in the world they live or their income is generated.

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