The New International Terminal of Algiers

New International Terminal opens Algeria

The project of extension of the Houari Boumediene International Airport of Algiers is expected to be opened on November the first, in coincidence with the celebration of the Algerian war for independence. This mega project whose construction works were entrusted to the Chinese company CSCEC , costs more than 80 billion DA. The financing resource of this new terminal is provided by the Airport Management Company of Algiers almost 45 billion DA, while the rest is financed by the Treasury.

The project of the new international airport Houari Boumediene which covers an area of 20 hectares (200,000 square meters) will be able to accommodate 10 million passengers per year and handle 1,800 bags per an hour, in addition to the current international airport (6 million passengers per a year) .It is divided into three lots: passenger terminal, parking vehicles and traffic lanes and parking planes and taxiways. The big innovation in the design of this terminal is the clear separation of arrival and departure areas. It is really structured to meet the expectations of the travelers.

From the sky view, this impressive work is arranged in a giant T-shape with its basement, two levels and intermediate mezzanine .The blue of the thousands of glass tiles that cover its facades, overhung with hundreds of white arcade and distinguishes this mastodon from the surrounding buildings and completely eclipses the current terminal. It is considered nevertheless an architectural jewel with its atypical disposition in a semicircle and its futuristic architecture. In addition to a sublime architecture which is the airport hotel, a 4 stars hotel built in partnership with Hayat Regency.

Inside the airport, you certainly will admire the beauty of the halls through the windows of one of the many panoramic lifts set up. In all, the different levels of the building are connected by 54 lifts and 34 escalators, plus of course traditional staircases for walkers. From the plane, passengers will rally directly to the police checkpoints via corridors with treadmills, three on each side. Besides, many premises are provided for the various shops and services, in addition to ultra comfortable waiting benches. The decor is breathtaking with a huge glittering floor that reflects the light of thousands of recessed spots in the ceiling. Cylindrical poles of one meter twenty in diameter, just as bright, go up, from 35 meters underground, up to at the last level, that of the departures. It is there that the travelers going abroad, since the building will be reserved for the international flights, will wait and will carry out the formalities of use. This also the saving of time is guaranteed with the 120 registration banks set up, against only sixty for the current terminal. As for the arrivals hall, shops and services are also planned. After the customs and police formalities, the passenger will leave directly at the jetty where boarding takes place, 400 meters long. The boarding will be done on both sides of the aircraft, through 21 accordion-shaped gangways. At the different levels, the halls extend as far as the eye can see. On an area of four hectares of offices, shops and checkpoints, it will not be easy to find its way and that is why adequate signage is planned for the orientation of visitors.

In addition to the construction of the new railway line connecting Bab Ezzouar with the International Airport of Algiers and the Algiers metro linking El Harrach center with Algiers International Airport, whose implementation is supported by the public company Cosider. Both are still under realization.

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